General Rules
● Helmet & Gloves would be compulsory.
● Carrying a mask & a small sanitizer would be compulsory.
● Use of the phone during a ride should be minimized for your safety.
● Riders should have experience of riding a minimum 30kms in one go if the ride is more
than 50kms or more.
● Minimum age required for rides more than 50kms would be above 16.
● Under 16 age category can participate in under 50kms rides (With the permission of
● In each and every ride, riders should give all the necessary details to their family
● Riders should take enough care for themself, ACC is not responsible for any FATAL /
HAZARDS happening during the ride, although ACC will try to support / help in all
possible ways to their riders.

Night Riding Rules
● For night riding, bicycles must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to
the cycle. Lights must be fully functional at all times.
● Riders not complying with all these requirements will not be permitted to start.
● Lights must be on from dusk to dawn and at any other times when poor visibility
conditions exist (rain, fog, tunnel etc).
● All riders must wear a reflective vest that clearly places reflective material prominently
on the front and back of the rider.

Responsible Behaviour of Rider
During the Ride, each rider is considered to be on a personal ride. All riders are required to
conduct themselves in a civil manner and abide by all applicable traffic laws and regulations.
ACC, cannot and do not accept responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the ride.
Anand Cycling Club reserves the right to cancel membership:
● Demonstrated a lack of respect for organizer regulations and conventions;
● Been disrespectful in their interactions with organisers, ride officials, volunteers and
● Conducted themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner at rides.